Minos Papas’ Perfect Journey feat. Denys & Antonina // TUMI x Tribeca Film Festival

As world champion ballroom dancers, Denys and Antonina are always on the road. The young Ukranian-American couple spends 50% of the year rehearsing in Brooklyn and the other 50% traveling to perform. Just like in their different variations of ballroom dance, they find rhythm, culture and romance wherever they travel. This is Denys and Antonina’s perfect journey.

Cyprus-born, New York-based filmmaker Minos Papas has worked as a filmmaker for the last 17 years. His most recent short, “Tango on the Balcony” (2016), is touring the festival circuit after a successful presentation at the Cannes Short Film Corner. Previously, Minos’s documentary “A Short Film About Guns” (2013) won Best Online Short at the Tribeca Film Festival, and his feature film “Behind the Mirror” (2015) is being released in April.

Music by Uriel Vanchestein

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