Charlotte & Dani’s Perfect Journey feat. Aza & Jordan // TUMI x Tribeca Film Festival

Aza Ziegler and Jordan Topf are a wildly artistic and driven couple. Travel invigorates them and heavily influences their creative work. And while it physically pulls them apart, it also brings them back together. Whether they meet in Chicago in the midst of Jordan’s 30 city tour or Marfa,TX on a whim, they are home when they find their way back to each other, a feeling that transcends the confines of a particular geographic location. This is Aza and Jordan’s perfect journey.

Charlotte Fassler is an artist based in Marfa, Texas. In her three years as the visuals editor of Man Repeller, she produced a multitude of branded content and directed “The Chatroom,” a video interview series with guests such as Iris Apfel, Ines de la Fressange, and Jenny Slate. She also works on projects for Nowness, Snapchat, Mango and Esprit.

Dani Girdwood is a New York based filmmaker and photographer with roots in cinematography, documentary and the independent feature film scene. Her recent work, as the protégé of acclaimed cinematographer and director Reed Morano, includes “Meadowland” (2015), the “Skeleton Twins” (2012), and the upcoming Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale.

// TUMI is a proud partner of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. To learn more about the festival, visit: http://tribecafilm.com //

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